Local Management

We are your dedicated local team member for your overseas subsidiary. We have been engaged as director, manager or supervisor for subsidiaries of multinational companies. Our team thinks strategically and works dedicatedly for our clients—and it’s what drives us every day. That’s because we specifically design our solutions to help executive teams, board members lower service-related overall costs, mitigate risks and deliver results while powering our clients to focus on their core business.

Integrated Legal and Business Service Package

We provide a comprehensive, flexible and fully tailor-made range of services to support you with launching your local business smoothly from taking your first steps in the Netherlands and/or in China to set up a fully operational business. Our team specialists have many years of working experience as Director of China Practice for international law firms in the Netherlands and also as in-house legal counsel for multinationals.

Cross-culture Communication, Business Development, Negotiation and Dispute Resolution

International business development and partnerships are often compromised by cross-cultural misunderstanding. Our years of experience in cross-culture communication, negotiation and dispute resolution brings you the right blend of in-depth market knowledge and practical experience.

Merger and Acquisition Project Management

A merger and acquisition is a complex process and entails many phases. Such as the development of the acquisition strategy, sourcing acquisition targets, acquisition planning, valuation analysis, negotiations, financial and legal due diligence, structuring the contemplated transaction, closing and integration of the acquisition.
Our team has experience in all phases of the M&A process and acts as the project manager and sounding board.

Strategic Shareholder

Connect Flow International is also experienced in participating and investing as a strategic shareholder in projects when there are a matching opportunity and business partner.

Business Restructuring and Divestments

Connect Flow International assists with restructuring projects and businesses when they are underperforming. Companies may elect to divest a non-strategic business unit or product line. We develop and implement business restructuring, turn around and divestment strategies.