Connect Flow International provides tailor-made, fully committed and result-driven services and management to grow with you as your trusted partner.

  • Connect Flow International has profound knowledge and proven experience in advising, establishing and managing international business expansion and acceleration.
  • As your reliable local partner, Connect Flow International provides tailor-made, result-driven services and management.
  • Our team has more than 15-years experience and has been engaged with countless projects mainly in the Netherlands and China. We also have experience in other European countries.
  • Our client portfolio includes private and public companies as well as governmental and semi-governmental organisations. For us, it does not matter if your company is multinational or a small-and-medium size enterprise. We have assembled and verified many of the best professionals to help you achieve your specific business goals.
  • We know the market and culture. We know what works and what are the pitfalls. We know how to make it work in a most effective integrated manner with the highest quality and reasonable cost.