Identifying suitable service providers for assistance with setting up and managing foreign subsidiaries is time-consuming and costly.

Often foreign companies select service providers that have a country desk, whereas there are often more suitable service providers available which do not have a geographical focus.


Connect Flow International believes:
It is all about people and trust.
It is all about working together with respect.
It is all about achieving the highest personal fulfilment and flow.
It is all about integrity, honesty, transparency and accountability.


Connect Flow International is committed to providing unprecedented service which enables international companies and local service providers to focus on their core business and together making a difference.

Connect Flow International manages the business connection to ensure every project can be delivered in a truly integrated and result-oriented manner. Transforming the connection into business impact with flow.

Our team is passionate to work and grow the relationship with every client.

Join Us! Let's deliver valuable sharing, create meaningful inspiration and achieve both personal fulfilment and business growth together! With a wide range of businesses, we can offer career and growth opportunities across countries, industries, companies and areas of expertise. Please connect with us via our contact form.